SOLENT FREEPORT - Spithead Business Centre Lake Isle of Wight

A 130,000 sq ft business park serving the property needs of over 30 companies
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The Nation's Global Gateway £3.57bn INVESTMENT, 52,000 jobs.

The Solent has always been our nation's global gateway. Establishing the Solent Freeport will create 52,000 jobs across the UK, and enable the UK and our region to capitalise on the Solent's geographic advantage in the highly competitive global market following Brexit.

Deprived coastal communities in the Solent will be levelled up while, at the same time supporting those in the Midlands and North who rely on connectivity to international markets through Solent ports. By backing the universally supported proposal, Solent productivity will be transformed and the UK will receive an additional £3.57 billion GVA uplift.

Through links to three world-class universities and host of national research assets, Solent Freeport will catalyse an innovation revolution in maritime, autonomy and green growth. It will provide a centre of excellence in green skills and jobs to ensure local communities, and in particular our young people, can benefit from opportunities created.

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