OUR TENANTS - Spithead Business Centre Lake Isle of Wight

spithead business centre
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AA 779
Design Invent Print!
A3 760 The Coffee House
A4 798 Ritchies Diner
A4 360 Design Invent Print!
DA 533 Ecassa UK Ltd
DB 199 Vacant and available to let
A5 561 Frame That Photo Ltd
A6 598 Design Invent Print!
A7 1944 John Fenwick t/a Sandown Body Repair
A8/A9 1744 Peak Engineering Ltd
A10-A13 512 Culvertronic Ltd
GRD STORE 1 172 Datawarm
A15 (LL Store) 200 Culvertronic Ltd
B1 150 Site Meeting Room
B1a 150 CDP
B2 322 Site Office
B3 152 Vacant and available to let
B4 166 PWFM Ltd
B6 155 Susannne Gibbs & Carole Smith
B8 154 Susannne Gibbs & Carole Smith
B9 313 Vacant and available to let
B10 323 Vacant and available to let
B11 152 Vacant and available to let
C1 2690 Ecassa
C3 2656 Andrew Scott t/a ALS Travel
C8a 6246 Vacant and available to let
C8b 16515 Elis plc
O2 storage 10000 Pete Holbrook Removals
O4 storage 10000 D H Price Motors Limited
DA/B/Open Space 793 CDP
D1b 9483 U/O
D2 5436 ATS Euromaster Ltd
D5 2690 WillowJet Ltd
(Island Power Tools)
D6 3970 Vacant and available to let
D7 1345 WillowJet Ltd
(Island Trade Windows)
D9 1292 Choice Carpets and Furnishings
D10 10665 Howdens Joinery Properties.
D11/D14/D15 23980 Elis plc
F1 Residential Kerry Burke
+44 1983 401302
s p i t h e a d  b u s i n e s s  c e n t r e  -  n e w p o r t  r o a d  - l a k e  -  s a n d o w n  -  i s l e  o f  w i g h t  -   p 0 3 6  9 p h
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