OUR CUSTOMERS - Spithead Business Centre Lake Isle of Wight

A 130,000 sq ft business park serving the property needs of over 30 companies
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Our customers are a great bunch and contribute massively towards the excellent vibe at Spithead. Here are some interesting facts regarding their history:

GKN Ltd is a British multinational automotive and aerospace components business headquartered in Redditch, Worcestershire. It is a long-running business known for many decades as Guest, Keen and Nettlefolds (being the initials of three early figures in its history: John Guest, Arthur Keen, and Joseph Henry Nettlefold). It can trace its origins back to 1759 and the birth of the Industrial revolution.

In 1987 Godfrey Davis (Finnish car dealerships) acquired Sunlight Services, a leading laundry business founded in 1900. In 2002 it bought Sophus Berendsen, a leading Danish laundry business for £426 million. In 2011, the business was renamed as Berendsen plc. In Sept 2017 French Laundry Service, Elis, agreed to acquire Berendsen in a deal valuing Berendsen at about £2.20bn.

Micron was originally founded in the 1954 by Edward Bals because of his concern about the indiscriminate way in which pesticides were being applied, following first-hand experience in tropical agriculture.
Recognising the waste and environmental damage resulting from the use of hydraulic nozzle sprayers, he set out to invent a more efficient way of applying pesticides. The result was the pioneering CDA (Controlled Droplet Application) technology which considerably reduced the amount of liquid used and yet provided a full and effective crop coverage.

ATS Euromaster was established in 1965 after their parent Company Michelin bought a number of small independent garages, thus forming Associated Tyre Specialists.

Daniel Price started trading back in 1997 with just a handful of customers many of whom are still loyal customers today. But the name of D.H Price Motors has been around much longer. Daniel’s Grandfather Desmond Price traded as D.H. Price at Lake Green Road Garage back in the 1960’s and early 70’s, just on the corner of Lake Hill and Lake Green Road.

Founded in 1995, Howdens has grown from just 14 depots to more than 700 across the UK and Europe thanks to the success of their trade-only model.

AA                  Design Invent Print!
A3                  The Coffee House
A4                  Ritchies Diner
A4A                Design Invent Print!
DA                  Design Invent Print!
DB                  Site Maintenance Store
A5                   Frame That Photo Ltd
A6                   Design Invent Print!
A7                   John Fenwick t/a Sandown Body Repair
A8                   Design Invent Print!
A9                   Peak Engineering Ltd
A10-A13          Culvertronic Ltd
GRD STORE 1   Datawarm
A15 (LL Store)  Culvertronic Ltd


B1                   Site Meeting Room
B1a                 CDP
B2                   Site Office
B3                   Andrew Dyer
B4                   PWFM Ltd
B5                   Design Invent Print
B6                   Susannne Gibbs & Carole Smith
B7                   Design Invent Print
B8                   Solo Recruitment
B9                   Vacant and available to let
B10                 Design Invent Print
B11                 Vacant and available to let

C1                      Ecassa
C2                      Lake Laundry Services
Vacant and available
C4                      Severnside Wholesalers
C5-C7                 D H Price Motors
C8a                    Micron Filters
C8b                    Elis plc


DA/B/Open Space CDP
D1a                     Tile Superstores Ltd
D1b                     GKN
D2                      ATS Euromaster
D5                      WillowJet Ltd (Island Power Tools)
D6                      Vacant and available
D7                      WillowJet Ltd (Island Trade Windows)
D8                      Choice Carpets
D9                      Choice Carpets
D10                    Howdens Joinery
D11/D14/D1        Elis plc
F1 Residential      Kerry Burke


O2 storage          Pete Holbrook Removals
O4 storage          D H Price Motors
                         LED Advertising Hoarding
+44 1983 401302
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