MARKETING - Spithead Business Centre Lake Isle of Wight

A 130,000 sq ft business park serving the property needs of over 30 companies
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Probably our most adventurous project to date, we like this idea for two reasons.
First, because we believe that it will generate unprecedented interest for our advertisers as the only medium of its kind on the island.
Second, because we plan to put the net profits into supporting local community and environmental projects


The 6m X 3m advertising board faces out from the eastern elevation across the Aldi Car Park up the Newport Road (visible to west facing traffic and vehicles exiting Whitecross Lane).

Planning permission was granted for the board to operate lit between 07:30-22:00 - seven days a week. Newport Road is the second busiest road on the IOW (with 13,000 traffic movements a day) so anyone supporting this venture should receive excellent benefits as well

Please ring Hannah Woodford on +44 1983 401302 or email her at to discuss this further.
+44 1983 401302
s p i t h e a d  b u s i n e s s  c e n t r e  -  n e w p o r t  r o a d  - l a k e  -  s a n d o w n  -  i s l e  o f  w i g h t  -   p 0 3 6  9 p h
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